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Holacracy is a system we practice to self-organize and distribute authority throughout our organization.

We've kicked traditional hierarchy to the curb, along with titles and bosses.
We favor a flexible, transparent organizational framework of roles that are organized around the work we do each day. There are no static “positions,” meaning people can move in and out of multiple roles across circles. Each circle represents a working group united by a unique purpose.
Why Holacracy?
Holacracy is an organizational system that empowers all team members to act in leadership roles and make meaningful decisions. We each play different roles in different circles, according to our strengths, experience and capabilities. Each role has a clear purpose and specific accountabilities.

In our roles at VSE, we are encouraged to jumpstart different projects, learn, explore new revenue streams and uncharted territory for our business, brands and organization. You'll pursue initiatives you find exciting up, down, diagonally, around and all the way across the breadth of VSE.

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We believe the best way to move forward with great speed and intelligence is to take ownership of our work and empower each other. Our workplace is open, dynamic, fun and constantly evolving, and we are always seeking passionate, self-directed and innovative people for our team.

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